Kikis for and bags!

Kikis for kukorus.. , is a design collective of three based out of New York City and Florence, Italy.. The handbags fuse the functionality and trends of today with a element of craftiness from years past.. Also visit for the collection, the story behind the name, KIKI TV, and where to buy Kikis..We have started this blog because we want to talk aboutour fashion philosophy,our muses,music, silly celebrities!!! just people with great sense of style!...



Dear Kikis fans,.our Muse/Friend KIRSTEN,sent us
some lovely pictures of her and the Grey Granny Babooshka satchel,
Thanks Dear! We are very very glad you liked it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice photos, I ame the proud mom, and have seen the bag in real.
can you tell me where we in Belgium can buy the bags becaus I like the red one.


6:04 AM  
Blogger saffie said...

nice photos of my kid with the beautiful bag of kiki, will you tell me were I can buy the bags ?

mom of kirst

6:08 AM  

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